Strandfontein NGO uplifts and empowers survivors of abuse

By Christopher Wyngaard

Restore-Rebuild-Peace and Safety Centre (R.R.P.A.S.C) is an organization aimed at uplifting communities by implementing support programmes for schools and families alike.

“We work with women and children and those who are at risk- those affected by domestic violence, bullying, gangsterism, drug addiction and trauma in general”, says the manager Felicia Shaw.

“What we want to do is to restore human dignity and to also make sure that the human rights of every individual is being met”.

R.R.P.A.S.C has been a licensed organization since February 2018 and has since offered their services to anyone who has needed it. “We offer counselling to women affected by domestic violence, abuse and trauma in any form. We also offer coaching to schools through one on one and group sessions and to youth referred to from organizations, churches and youth groups”, said Shaw. The non-profit organization also offers life-skills workshops at schools on topics such as health, education, conflict resolution, entrepreneurial skills, leadership camps and setting goals”.

“We are mainly based in Strandfontein, but if there is a need for us to go out to a specific area that needs help desperately, we’ll head out there. To go out to some communities and seeing the state of the area, it really is eye-opening. You go to some places, and you can see that there is something that needs fixing”, said Shaw. “There is a huge need for counselling in the community, and the counselling that is available is expensive and many cannot afford it. We also do entrepreneurial interventions and support to the unemployed. We want to build successful entrepreneurs in less privileged communities.”

When asked why she does what she does, Felicia said: “I have a passion for this, that’s why I do what I do. I’ve been involved in non-governmental organizations for over 25 years now. I’ve seen people who are disadvantaged or marginalized, and I just want to try and fix that”. Shaw then proceeded to give information on her personal background: “I represented South Africa at the yearly International Tolerance Network hosted in France in 2001. As Social Development Practitioner I assisted in facilitating the piloting of Community Safety Forums in 2002.I describe myself as a servant to those who cannot fend for themselves and I also wish to strengthen and equip those who are unable to do so for themselves”

 “Our goal at the end of all this is to eventually see that there’s no need for an organization such as ours. We basically are working ourselves out of a job, because that means that our work has been successful”, said Shaw.

Shaw says the R.R.P.A.S.C are looking for similar organizations to work with them to help combat societal issues. “We are looking for other organizations, whether its non-governmental organizations or businesses, to work with us to help society”.

For more information on The Restore-Rebuild-Peace and Safety Centre email them at Fax them on 08673371380 or contact them on 0832929855.

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