Beacon Valley school turf plans scrapped

Written by: Christopher Wyngaard

Oval North High School, situated in Beacon Valley Mitchell’s Plain, recently discovered that their plans of building a turf had to be cancelled due to lack of funding.

The school had plans in motion for well over a year to build a turf on the school property. The turf would have been beneficial to school students and the community alike. The school had already implemented stronger safety precautions for the building of the turf. Measurements for the turf were taken already. “To us it was just that it would have benefited us and also the surrounding community. Children will become more active, and the more active they are, the fitter they are”, said Mr. Faeed Williams, teacher and also one of the lead coordinators for the turf.

“A turf would have helped us in the long run, because right now we only have grass for the children to enjoy their intervals on and it is much easier and also more cost effective to maintain turf than it is to maintain grass over time. Turf is also very eco-friendly”.

Faeed further went on to say that the main reason the school has not been able to get the implementing underway is due to funding and lack thereof. He said that the funding for the turf and its surroundings could cost up to a million rand. He stated:” It is very difficult for a school like ours to get funding. We are not a rich school so whatever money we have now, we use for fixing up around the school”.

The deputy principal, Mr. Nizaam Jacobs also commented on this saying: “We’ve tried getting sponsors to help us, but they want exposure and the school is not situated in a busy area. There’s no main road or anything around the school where people can see who sponsored us”.

He also reiterated what that the turf will make the learners more active. “We are a school and our first priority will always be academic excellence, but it is a proven fact that the more active learners are the more focused they are in their schoolwork. We have not given up on one day having a turf”.

Oval North High School also reached a big milestone in their history this year. The school celebrates thirty years of education. Mr. Na-aim Kassiem, principal since the inception of the school said: “We have come along way from where we started, a lot has changed over the years, but we always look to improve and become a school that can compete with the biggest schools in Cape Town.

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