Mel Jones and Gavin Arends

A quick chat with Mel Jones

Comedy Queen of Mitchell’s Plain, Mel Jones, graced YOH Radio studio with her charm and charisma, for an interview on the breakfast show with Gavin Arends. Jones was born and raised in Mitchell’s Plain.

According Jones, you have to be your authentic self. Comedy gives people the permission to be their authentic selves, she says.

A chat with the GrillFatherSA

Rhikalyn James From a humble beginning to a growing empire, Shane Swiegelaar, owner of The Grillfather, talks to YOHRadio! The Grillfather started two years ago. At first, it was merely …

Read to rise team

Empowering Mitchell’s Plain one book at a time

“When we started, we only did grade 2 learners because for us it was, if we can turn these children into bookworms at a young age, then when they eventually grow up, they would be completely zoned out by all the negativity surrounding the area they live in. They would rather focus on their education”

Dylan Orange

Local aspiring footballer sets sights on Paris

“The position I play is midfielder but I play defender as well. My dream club to play for would definitely be Man United, I’m a fan of the, PSG is also a club I want to play for and to think I will be in the same city as them if we do raise the money”.

Mitchell’s Plain success stories: Timothy Mckerry

Written by: Christopher Wyngaard Local Beacon Valley resident Timothy Mckerry recently graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, specialising in robotics. He spoke to …